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Freqently Asked Questions

What is a Landing page?

At its core, a landing page is just the first page a user lands on when they get to your website. This could be the homepage, a service page, or even a product page.

Landing pages are typically designed with a single goal in mind. Like signing up, getting in contact, or purchasing a product.

For Saaspo, we usually only include homepages in the landing page filter, as that's more typically what someone would think of. If you'd like to see other pages, you can try our other filters (e.g. pricing page examples).

What makes SaaS landing pages different?

SaaS landing pages follow similar rules to other sites but with a few key differences between different types of SaaS.

A B2C SaaS for example might focus on capturing a users email address, or even guiding them straight to a paid subscription.

Enterprise SaaS on the other hand will usually require a consultation with the sales team before onboarding, so their landing pages would focus on guiding users to book a demo.